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We have a hosting plan that will fit your needs and budget.

Our "Design It Yourself" Hosting

We offer a choice of plans that meet your needs for hosting a WordPress website with your own design. Best of all, you can upgrade the plan later as your art practice grows.

Answers to Your Questions

What support is included?

We'll help you keep your website up and running with basic technical support by email included at no charge. Help with your website design is available for a separate fee.

What if I want to upgrade the hosting later?

We make it easy for your site to grow as your art practice changes and expands. Our hosting can be easily upgraded to add features at any time, and you pay only the higher monthly cost.

I'm already paying a website hosting service.

If your website was built using WordPress, we can help transfer it to our hosting and arrange to cancel your current service once you order. Your website must use WordPress in order to take advantage of our hosting features. Unfortunately, we are not able to host your site if it uses another platform.

What templates are available?

We offer a curated selection of free website templates suitable for visual artists, arts organizations and galleries. Use one of these templates to get a fast start on your website, or design it from scratch. Click here to view the available templates.

I already have a website address.

That's wonderful! We can help arrange to transfer it to our hosting once you order.

What are my choices for a personalized web address?

We offer a curated selection of domain names suitable for visual artists, arts organizations and galleries. A personalized .com web address is just $18.60/year. Or get a premium domain name, such as .art or .studio, for additional cost. Click here to search for available domain names.

How do you keep my website from being hacked?

Visitors to your site are protected by an SSL certificate, which uses an encrypted connection and lets the web browser show that the site is secure.  We keep your site and its content safe from malicious attacks by using an internet firewall, malware scanning, and nightly site backups.

How are the costs billed?

The monthly fees are billed quarterly in advance (yearly billing is also available). The fees can be paid securely online by credit card.

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We offer a free 30-minute online consultation to discuss your needs and our services.