Artist • Illustrator

Artist Statement

Very simply, Art is who I am.

The process of creating, imagining and implementing a visual statement is WHERE I am … and where I have always wanted to be.

There is the enjoyment of the multiple materials, endless media combinations, experimentation and the thrill of the end result. The question: Is it complete? is always there.

I strive to challenge the viewer, pique their interest, inspire the imagination, transport them to a pleasant place and give them a new reality. Often my pieces are intended to take me and my viewer to a memory long secluded.

Size is never a limitation. My work has ranged from 2 canvases 6’ x 6’ hanging together, to a 10” x 10” Collage. Working concurrently on several pieces of diverse media is an exhilarating experience, and forces me to re-evaluate the main components of each as I progress.

This discipline also flows into design of spaces and combination of materials, as in use of tile.


Mixing multiple medias to make a statement in various sizes has been successful for me. My intention is to represent a mood, a thought, a story. The mixed media and color help to draw the viewer in and bring a memory to life. I strive to create interest in the piece.


Illustration and cartoon can be a satirical take on a subject. Children’s books are a venue perfectly suited to a drawing that helps the child understand the story. My illustrations help a reader visualize the words and their meaning. I work with the author to bring their imagination to the page. Each drawing, be it one or two pages, brings the story to life. Illustration for a card or invitation can be a personal message from the sender, welcome in today’s technical world.



  • Born and grew up in Detroit
  • Studied at Society of Arts and Crafts (now College for Creative Studies)
  • Schoolcraft Community College
  • Various Workshops and Classes
  • Taught Grades 3-9 Cartooning and Collage in Community Ed setting
  • Taught Artists Anatomy and Life Drawing in Private Studio
  • Free Lance Commercial Art, including logo design….Portraiture
  • Set Design…Community Theater
  • Residential Property Administrator: 19 yrs.
  • Tile Design Consultant: Studio Ceramiche’ Designer Division of The Tile Shop
  • Tile Space Design Specialist/Illustrator: Expo Design Center
  • Trades and Design Consultant: S.E. Michigan locations of The Tile Shop
  • Consultant: Color*Design*Tile

Exhibits and Galleries

  • “Everthing But The Kitchen Sink”, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, 2022
  • Lawrence Street Gallery Invitational, 2021…2022
  • “Emergence”, KickstART Gallery, Farmington, 2021
  • “Think Small”, Lawrence Street Gallery, Ferndale, 2020
  • Public Art Program, Farmington Hills City Hall, 2009 to present
  • City Gallery, The Costick Center, Solo Exhibit(s), 2009…2011
  • “Our Town”, Birmingham Community House, 2010…2012
  • “Michigan Fine Arts Competition”, Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center, 2010…2012
  • “Mixed Up”, The Scarab Club, Detroit, 2012
  • Livonia Invitational, Livonia MI
  • Next Step Gallery, Ferndale
  • Atrium Gallery, Northville
  • Sixteen Hands Gallery, Ann Arbor
  • Greektown/Walford Studio, Detroit
  • Multimedia Works in Private Collections: North and South Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Canada, Ohio, Florida


  • KickstART Farmington Gallery and Artisan Shop Board
  • Farmington Area Arts Commission (FAAC)
  • Farmington Community Arts Council (FCAC)

Contact Me

You can reach me by phone at 248-444-4559, by email at or by using the form below.